Tove Jansson was a finnish novelist, painter, illustrator and comic strip author. Her most known creations are the Moomin characters. She also created a series of commissioned murals and public works throughout her career, some of them can still be viewed in their original locations. Tove has been considered to be an anarchist of her own genre and time. No wonder why her works and her person is still loved around the globe.

If Tove Jansson would still be alive, she would’ve celebrated her 100th birthday on August 9th.
Hende wanted to commemorate Tove’s life work and influence she’s had on many artist. He checked whether Psyke and Acton would share his adoration for Tove and if so, would they be interested creating something special for her. Psyke and Acton said yes on both counts. So they chose the place, planned the work and roles for each and headed off to work.

They chose simple, clean color scheme and they needed good scale of various greys to execute the work successfully. There really is no comparison for Belton Molotow’s range of colors: they have 17 different shades of grey. This was way beyond perfect for their needs. They chose 5 from the vast scale of greys plus deep black and signal white. After a brief consideration they decided to add two decorative colors on top of the color scheme. One blueish green and one red. The first being ‘Blue Gin’ from Molotow and second ‘Signal Red’ from Flame Orange.

Hende painted Tove’s face, Psyke focused on the background and Acton created the letters.

“Tove, wherever you are, this one’s for you. Rest in peace” – Hende, Psyke and Acton


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