Toast One – Hype Balloon

Graphic Design has a long history and tradtion in Switzerland, the group exhibition GRAFIK12 curated by Harun “Shark” Dogan is dedicated to this interesting creative field and invites more than 20 artists to show recent works. As part of this show Ata Bozaci, better known as TOAST presents his new installation, the inflatable black “Hype Balloon” at the Maag Event Hall Zürich. The inflated sculpture is a honest observation of the current state of our planet and our humanity reveals a crucial and abominable reality.

“Spelling the word HYPE reflects on the phenomenon of literally filling a pretty, thin outer shell with nothing but hot air making it very superfluous and shallow in meaning yet bold and impressive in appearance. Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame have gained more weight in our times thru the entertainment-industry’s hunger for new acts, shows, music, etc… HYPES. This HYPE creates awareness, this HYPE touches.”

Have a check on the GRAFIK12 Vernissage (March 01st 2012) Flyer after the jump and more here at the official GRAFIK12 website!


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