The STREET ART FESTIVAL Slovakia continues with new murals in Bratislava and Martin

We continue reporting from the Street Art Festival Slovakia! Take a look at the brandnew murals in the streets of Martin and Bratislava.
First of all, Bratislava now owns one of the most spectacular executed murals ever painted! The facade of Hotel Kyjev was turned into the biggest piece of street art in Slovakia recently. The hotel was dilapidated and awaiting reconstruction. Photographer Lousy Auber took the chance to make a piece of art out of it, provoking both positive and negative reactions. The preparations of this mural took more than two years to work on between the promoter, the city goverment, the architect and the artist. It took a lot of research to find the best solution of how to paint such a huge wall. The final decision went down to do it with 17 climbers painting the whole piece within one day. Check out the photos and the video below!
Even though murals, artwork painted or applied directly on a large permanent surface, are quite popular abroad and could be found in any bigger city, in Slovakia people are not used to see giant paintings on buildings. In fact, only three Slovak towns and cities have at least one mural – Bratislava, Košice and most recently – Martin. Where the central pedestrian area now features a mural called Kruh (Circle), depicting women in folk costumes dancing in a circle. The 200-square metre painting was made to mark the upcoming Czechoslovak centenary.The mural artist, Juraj Ďuriš, was inspired from folk photography and he used a spraying technique with MOLOTOW PREMIUM when applying the motif on the building.
Thanks to the Bratislava Street Art Festival, which took place for the eighth time this year, some walls of the local buildings are covered with colourful murals. The murals for the festival were painted by Fat Heat (Hungary) in 2016, FinDac (UK), Cart1(France) and Daor (Slovakia) in 2017 and three new murals by Millo (Italy), TankPetrol (Poland) and the already mentioned Hotel Kjev mural by local photographer Lousy Auber.
Below we would like to share with you one video and a few photos of the new murals by Juraj Ďuriš in Martin and the impressive works from Bratislava by Lousy Auber, Millo and TankPetrol! Check out all works from the past editions here over at the STREET ART FESTIVAL Website!
Photos/Source: Rooftop Bratislava, Jakub Caprnka




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