The Story Behind – THRASHBIRD´s Death of Monstro

Here is a new series we start today with a story by the artist THRASHBIRD (Instagram) talking about his recently created work in the desert of Nevada:
"When I enter into an abandoned environment, my goal with creating a piece of art at the location is to utilize the existing landscape. I want to incorporate my piece into the landscape. Sometimes I’ve pre scouted the location and approach with an idea already mapped out and sometimes it’s a newly discovered location and the work is spontaneous. With Monstro here it’s spontaneous, I saw this place from the highway as I was driving, and wondered in to explore. I sat and contemplated what to paint for an hour or so before the full concept came to me. Monstro is the Villain in the story of Pinocchio, this is the "Death of Monstro" He has been laid to waste never to harm another soul again. A victory for Gepetto, Pinocchio’s father.  I liked the idea of incorporating the guts of this structure into the piece, they became the bones of the gutted whale.  Although it is a finished piece, as luck would have it I ran out paint on location and didn’t get to add a few things I would have liked to. One day I will return to this location and add them if this piece is still there! This piece is located just off a remote desert Highway  between Palm Springs, California and Laughlin, Nevada." (thrashbird) 

If you want your art to be shared here with the story/idea behind it do not hesistate sending over to pr(at)molotow.com!




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