The Story Behind – BORGE BREKKE´s “bassGarage” project

Here is the second update of our THE STORY BEHIND series (#01 -Thrashbird) featuring norwegian artist BORGE BREKKE who just sent in pictures and a review of the "bassGarage" project painted with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic Spraypaint. Have a look at the process and write up below!
"This was a really cool challenge, a totally black consert hall, with a white transparent bar and copper lampshades. As the name of the scene is the "bassGarage", the design to me was obvious. The decoration fit perfect with my spiral figures that is very much related to music. They evolved in a process some years ago in the study of rythms in the human figure.

I only had to transform the head and back figure to a bass guitar where the spine ended like a guitar neck with stings, head and tuners. The design for the Bar was also pretty obvious and ready made. The Bar is a place for meeting and conversation. And the "Spin" profiles facing each other, communicates that as well. With the design ready made up, it was just working hours to finish off!

The type of materials used for this commission was Molotow Burner Copper 600ml, One4All acrylic 400ml spraycans and One4All acrylic markers. Last I used the One4All gloss varnish spray on the copper to the lowest parts, to protect the wall from the raving hordes . Not on the figures because the One4All is strong enough, and I like the effect of the difference between matt figures and the gloss shiny copper. A bit extra work for the wanted result.

I chose to make this with stencils first, because of the style and the details of the design. They were placed directly on the black wall and sprayed with Burner Copper to make the background. I used the smoothsoft white/blue caps on the Burner Copper to make less dust and to have more control on the outline. Wich worked out really good.
Then I cut the individual forms and sprayed with the One4All acrylic spraycans, to make finer transitions from light to dark. Details was made at last with the One4All acrylic markers. The customer and consert crowd has given great feedbacks and the city of Hønefoss has finally recieved their long-awaited Rock Consert Hall."




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