The Shepherd Boy Mural by Reb

A pleasant, colorful touch added recently in the urban landscape of downtown Thessaloniki in Greece. The 15th Middle School – High School, with the support of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, adorned across the face of the on-road Charles Deal with an impressive graffiti depicting a young shepherd playing his flute in the Greek countryside. The 15-meter graffiti made with the help of a crane and was completed within just 12 hours! The theme of graffiti is a playful, carefree scene of Greece in the recent past. A reminder of a more simple and hard lifestyle, but perhaps freer. The young shepherd with his flute, surrounded by the ruins of history and carefree summer remind us of the connection between people and the natural environment, roles and responsibilities that arise. This action could not be completed without the enthusiastic support of all the teachers and school committee of the 15th Middle School – High School and especially Mrs. Zoe Vazoura, Mr. Marios Petras, the municipality of Thessaloniki and Mrs. Maria Paschalidou, operators of the crane vehicle Stavros and Christos. Artistic creation of the mural, the active creative team of the MWC graffiti store and the graffiti artist Reb have painted several “gray areas” in the center of Thessaloniki.


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