“The Rise of Graffiti Writing – From New York to Europe” Analyzes the Roots and Spread of Graffiti

The modern graffiti movement has a storied and varied history, with. The new documentary series, titled The Rise Of Graffiti Writing – From New York to Europe produced by RED TOWER FILMS for ARTE CREATIVE follows the graffiti movement from its roots in the 1970s to its rise and prominence in the 1980s. The series kicks off with 10 episodes of Season 01 and follows graffiti from the New York City underground to the fine art galleries of Europe, the spread of important medias such as the film WILD STYLE and the characters involved in getting it there. The film features prolific graffiti artists like LEE, FUTURA2000, CHARLIE AHEARN, FAB5FREDDY, the TATS CRU, SKEME, SHOE, MODE2, BANDO, CANTWO, JBK, PRIDE, 3D, NEON as well as the role and influence of gallerist Yaki Kornblit.
Below is the trailer,the whole series you can follow here with its first 10 episodes online from now on!


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