The Palms Brings Vegas Its First Permanent Banksy Piece

Las Vegas first permanent BANKSY work finds a home at Palms Las Vegas as it joins an extensive collection of street art debuting at Greene St. Kitchen. Today they debut an extensive collection of street art, celebrating some of the most prolific names in the graffiti/street art communities, as part of the opening of Greene St. Kitchen, operated by Clique Hospitality. As part of the collection, Palms will now be home to Las Vegas first permanent work by the elusive street artist, Banksy – The 88 1⁄4 in. x 74 in. spray painted depiction of two heavily armed police officers with neon yellow smiley faces, titled, "Smiley Coppers Panel I" (2002). With commissioned works by the likes of Kenny Scharf, Cleon Peterson, VHILS, Pose, Martha Cooper, DabsMyla, Slick, and more, the new culinary destination continues the immersive experience and thoughtful art program at the property, blending art and food in a distinctive way. Large-scale works, expansive murals and hidden nods to the artistic world of the graffiti community are seen throughout the mazelike series of five spaces, designed by Rockwell Group Las Vegas, which highlights the interplay of gritty and lush moments found in urban street life.
After entering through a "speakeasy" video arcade with classic games lining the walls and a 1980’s 8-bit video-inspired tiled floor. A vending machine’s secretive "door" next leads through to a tunnel painted by NYC-based graffiti artist CES, who pays homage to New York Citys iconic street art of the 80s and 90s through layers of tags representing graffiti legends such as SEEN, P-NUT, BLAZE and STAY HIGH 149."You can spend all day in there and think you catch everything and the next day you find something new," says Palms Creative Director, Tal Cooperman, of the work. The restaurant also honors acclaimed street art photographer, Martha Cooper, with agallery of some of her most noteworthy photographs that document the 70s and ’80s graffiti and hip-hop scenes in NYC.
The collection of work displayed within Greene St. restaurant joins Palms extensive art collection consisting of some of the most notable and unique contemporary, blue-chip and street art rarely displayed publicly in one setting, which includes original pieces by globally renowned artists Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, on loan from the personal art collections of Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, alongside commissioned creations by leading contemporary artists such as Adam Parker Smith, Jason REVOK, Eric Haze, Scott Hove, Felipe Pantone, James Jean and Timothy Curtis. Other artists whose work is prominently displayed include Dustin Yellin, Takashi Murakami and KAWS. 
via: Juxtapoz




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