The MOLOTOW ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Twin in 48 color shades

The MOLOTOW ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Twin is available in 48 color shades from December 2017 on! Moreover, you can mix your individual color shades by using the corresponding Empty Twin Pump Marker and the 50 ONE4ALL™ refills available in 30ml and 180ml bottles.

The ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Twin Product Informations

  • acrylic-based
  • semi-gloss
  • highly opaque
  • permanent
  • good UV resistance1
  • quick-drying
  • non-toxic
  • conforms to ASTM D 4236
  • dilutable with water or acetone (1-3%)
  • for nearly all surfaces2
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • 48 color shades

  • refillable
  • exchangeable tips
  • mixable3
  • compatible with MOLOTOW™ spray paint and markers

  • Made in Germany

1 Exception: fluorescent neon colors. 
2 Check surface for compatibility before application. 
3 Do not mix effect colors (neon / metallic) with plain colors, as their effect properties get lost.

This product will be available in 48 colors from December 2017 on!


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