The MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME 1MM on plastic model wheels

The feedback on the MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME Marker Launch was incredible! Here is another short example of what went in daily the last weeks! This feedback is by the good guys over at MODELLINGNEWS.GR and a demonstration of the 1mm pen on scale model wheel, with a finished example:
“We decided to try them out on some 1/24th scale car wheels (and on other stuff too) and the results were superb, as you can see in the photogallery and video below. We also used them for patching up/correcting dark unwanted ugly spots on damaged chromed plastic parts. When dry you can hardly tell which areas were corrected. The marker’s tip doesn’t leave any visible strokes as the paint is flowing easily. The tip never clogs and the paint starts flowing immediately and steadily when you touch the surface. Using Molotow for the first time you just need to press firmly on the nib few times to get paint start flowing. The liquid paint is self leveling as it dries. Keep in mind that most photos here -or on the web- really don’t do justice to the final effect of this product. Molotow markers are so much quicker, simpler and more effective than any other available solution, especially for details, like small chrome jobs and touch-ups on scale models. They are very reflective and the closest to chrome effect you have ever seen, even compared to the best spray can or airbrush works – and the secret is that it can be airbrushed as well! (There is a refill bottle available and the ink is thinned ready to use).
To think you can get that finish from a paint marker is just incredible. If you wonder how it would look on larger surfaces then it looks just as good! For those people into vehicle models with chrome parts that are cut from runner/sprues, this stuff is surely a godsend.
The ink is alcohol based, so it is advised not to cover it on the same day with an acrylic varnish (tests with Alclad Aqua ALC600 over Chrome resulted not so good). Other enamel or lacquered based clear cotes/varnishes should be used cautiously and only after experimentation (light mist first, many thin layers, not one wet). Using varnishes there is always the danger of solvent/thinner chemical reaction to destroy the finish. Using any kind of varnish/sealer/clear cote over chrome is generally not advised – unless it is absolutely needed (eg. decals, washes, etc). Most varnishes tend to make dull or even “kill” chrome/natural metal finishes anyway. Tests and practice are always advised before trying anything for the first time.
Once the chrome paint is dry, it won’t show accidental fingerprint impressions, but if you purposely touch or rub your finger across it a few times the finish does haze (normal handling will do so over time as well). So, let enough time to dry completely and do not touch the parts at all – before and after painting. Preparation and cleaning of surfaces are equally important. Use of protective (powder free) gloves are highly recommended at all times. The chrome painted surface is durable enough once dried after some hours (days – better to be on the safe side) and does not pick up easily fingerprints but if you keep handling the model with bare hands you risk rubbing the shine off, ruining a good job anyway. Chrome looks great as long as you never touch it. It is also advisable not to mask with tape over chromed painted surfaces. Make sure that the chrome is your last paint step.
Definitely Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker offers the most realistic metal/chrome look coming of any pen we’ve used so far. A real winner you can’t be without.”

A short video below, more on modellingnews.gr!




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