The Life of an Artist: POCHO

Writers Madrid in collaboration with MOLOTOW™ gives you and insight into the life of graffiti artist POCHO aka SEMS from Madrid. In his age of 42 still true to the original style of NYC, POCHO dedicates a big part of his life to graffiti. For almost 30 years he counts to an inner circle of the most active spanish graffiti artists.

Many have been the days that Pocho also shared in NY graffiti and talks with who made the first steps of graffiti in the 70s, and noting and sharing with them has been an ambassador of the most recognized style as original graffiti.

The video gives us a lesson on this! “Famous among celebrities.”

Considered by some as “oldschool”, has nothing to do with many of his generation. Activity is greater than the starting, who often shared moments. This paper also shows his geración conductor wire to generation, contributing to feelings that were graffiti origin. We thank Pocho because we know that “the life of an artist is not so easy”


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