The GO NUTS Wall by ROMEO and MEGA

Dutch graffiti artists ROMEO and MEGA from the Nasty Sons are back with a colorful wall painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM on a nice sunny day.  
The color recipe for this piece is Fill:  Grapefuit, Mauve light, Mauve and Antique pink middle. The styles are outlined withTulip blue, Tulip blue light and Ultramarine blue.
In the Background MOLOTOW PREMIUM Calypso dark, Calypso middle, Calypso light, Signal white, Grape dark, Viola, Light violet, Petrol blue and Dolphin was used. The blue Character was painted with Papyrus, Cappucino, Espresso, Loomit’s apricot middle, Loomit’s apricot light, Loomit’s apricot pastel, Telemagenta, Cashmere Yellow, Tornado red, Signal white and Deep Black.  
Below check out the pics or the short video impression they made while painting!


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