“The flowing Dutchmen” – ROMEO, MEGA & ETRS

Here is a new wall by dutch graffiti artists ROMEO and MEGA painted together with ETRS at the Summer Madness jam in Bremerhaven – Germany, alongside a lot of other writers.
"The theme of this jam was pirates so we decided to paint the famous flying Dutchman, but with a twist: we changed it into the ‘Flowing Dutchmen’

The weather gods were not on our side that day since it was raining heavily most of the time but we succeeded in leaving a nice wall at the end of the day. The background was painted by Etrs. He used the Petrol and Deep-sea blue colors on top of the rollerpaint color to create the waves. Together with some greys, whites and dirty greens he created the whole background.
For the letters we used some bright colors like Slider light Orange, Dare Orange, Cream green and MadC Psycho pink to make it pop…

Still a great day with lots of nice people!" (ROMEO&MEGA)

A short video can be watched below ad well as photos!


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