The eco awareness mural in Tower Hamlet

Trapped in Zone One´s new eco awareness mural in Tower Hamlets is part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme, in which they worked with artist Alex Cullen, Nacho Welles, Limma Ali, London Youth and youth people from Mulberry School for Girls on social action project to raise awareness on what they can do together to make Tower Hamlets an eco-friendly borough in London. 

“Getting our young people to participate in various skill building activities from engaging in climate theme creative workshops, listening, speaking, teamwork and problem solving training to develop confidence and resilience enabling them to connect with residents in Shadwell and Wapping in a consultation activity of collating ideas which would help to co-design a youth-led mural on Dellow Street in Shadwell, which was granted permission by the Community partnership Team at Tower Hamlets Council.   

The underlining message expressed by the residents was to take care of local greenspaces, getting more young people involved in nature theme activities along with recycling to reduce less waste and impact the environment.

Both of these subject matters were included in our mural design along with the message, ‘Make Change for Future You’ as a call out by the young people for us to make changes for a greener and cleaner Tower Hamlets.”




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