The brand-new CoversAll WATER-BASED – VIDEO & INTERVIEW

It´s only since a few days we added a brand new product to the MOLOTOW ACTION Spray Paint line: the CoversAll WATER-BASED 400ml! Low odor and designed for fast applications, this can offers highly opaque and ultra-fast-drying lacquer. 

Now it´s time for the first product feedbacks on this smooth and odorless operator, so here is a video using the CoversAll WATER-BASED 400ml in an abandoned area with all its features like the incredible coverage. Connected to the video, the journalist Lisa Munch had the chance to talk to the mind behind the MOLOTOW Paint Technologies, Mr.Jurgen Feuerstein: 

Hi Jürgen. MOLOTOW’s most recent product, the CoversAll WATER-BASED, performs super well for a water-based can. How exactly and for what purpose did you create it?

The development of the CoversAll water-based spray can resulted from the development of the water-based ONE4ALL spray can, which rather serves atelier, hobby or D.I.Y. purposes. Back then, we replaced 85% of the volatile solvent with water. No one has ever replaced such a high amount of volatile solvent before. We developed the ONE4ALL spray can further – considering its usage in graffiti. Graffiti artists place different demands on spray cans than other creative people do. Graffiti artists need their cans to be a lot more dynamic, fast, flexible and maybe also opaque. The CoversAll water-based spray can is the first can for graffiti with a water-based lacquer. For this purpose, we developed the ULTRA-PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY: the lacquer is highly opaque, ultra-fast drying and offers ultimate action – even on wet paint.

One of the biggest advantages of the new can is clearly its opacity, for instance the zinc yellow, and also its productivity. Furthermore, its low odour makes working much more pleasant in many different areas. Did you develop that product in order to bridge a gap by creating an efficiency that hadn’t been on the market before?

We tried to develop a can that is more environmentally friendly than other spray cans. This is not that easy since you have to make sure that the quality the graffiti artists are used to do does not deteriorate. We have tried out a lot and finally came up with an enormous opacity and an ultra-matt brightness. Moreover, the lacquer is ultra-fast drying for a water-based formula. This will make the hearts of many graffiti lovers and fans flutter. As I said, we invented this can specifically for graffiti action so it is important to be almost odourless. Spray cans without any odour can be an extreme advantage when you want to work rather discreetly. Another advantage we discovered is that the spray can is much more productive than usual cans. Anyone who likes to paint on a big scale will appreciate this feature. All in all, this can has got an excellent carbon footprint.

Did you take environmental sustainability into consideration when developing your product? 

Yes. As I said, it’s a further development of our environmentally friendly ONE4ALL can. Certainly, a spray can will remain a spray can since the paint has to come out of the valve somehow, but we can confirm that we greatly reduced its harmfulness to humans as well as to the environment. And besides, conventional hair lacquer is much unhealthier.

Would you say that the future of the spray can lies in water-based lacquer or do you think that laboratories will find other technical possibilities to create up-to-date products in the years to come?

Water-based lacquer will probably be pioneering for further developments of lacquers and spray cans. It’s hard to predict other accomplishments science and technology may achieve. Since we live in a time of restricted resources, people will need to find other alternative materials to work with in the long run. That’s life. And besides lacquer, there are also many other things like the spray can itself that could be innovated and further developed. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you any further details 😉

What will the future bring for the water-based CoversAll?

Our laboratories are already analysing and adjusting 180 new colours. We will bring them onto the market as soon as all departments involved and our quality management give us their ok. We’re simply ultra-fast!




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