The Architects (Rough edit)

Here is a rough edit for a Film that Christopher Heary directed and currently finnishing about the Graffiti scene in the UK (London) during the 80’s.

“It focuses on it’s most influential artists, one of the 5 featured is Fuel, who was once in the U.K’s top ten most wanted Criminals and has never appeared on camera until this film. He along with Part2ism,SHEONE,Prime and Pride reminice about how they have evolved as artists and where Graffiti has evolved. I come from a Punk Rock background, so I always try and incorporate a Punk esthetic into my work , making sure nothing is too neat or pretty. Hip Hop was for me the Natural successor to Punk with it’s breakbeats, sampling and graffiti all part of that scene I love so much.”

As This is a rough cut , Heary added temporary titles and audio still needs to be done so at times it’s a bit patchy.

“I just wanted to get it out as Graffiti is a true passion of mine and I have been sitting on it now for almost two years.”


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