SWET 2011

In a time where most people are glued to their internet, there are a few others who have found that extra gear. Not too concerned with ‘virtual’ fame they have continued to do what they have always done. That is, consistently produce high quality graffiti! And in this man’s case; a LOT of it ! He is the one man machine known as SWET. From well before his 100 red pieces in 100 days, SWET was always out there throwing more paint than you and your crew. His 100 pieces in 100 days was no surprise to anyone who knew the man. what it did do was show the greater community his relentless approach to producing quality in mass quantities. All the while, rain hail or snow, he laughed and smiled through each and every one ! 2011 has been another monster year.The pieces have got bigger, looser, even more funkier, and then of corse are the wild stylers that remind all that he truly is one of the European leaders. The smile is still driving the desire. The funk is still in full swing.

300+ photos SWET 2011 Enjoy !


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