Within the last 2 years, more than 47,000 visitors came to see artists and galleries from all over der world. (Poland, Brasil, Austria, USA, Italy, France, Chile, Spain, Switzerland or the UK – just to name a few). Urban Art is now! In fact the huge variety of subcultural dynamics of the last 30 years in this in this melting pot are self-replicating. Terms such as “Low Brow”, “Street Art”, “Graffiti”, “Illustration”, “Graphic Design” or “Comic Art” are fused with classic notions of art, newly interpreted, and with unconventional resources are given a whole new context. This years STROKE Urban Art Fair at Munichs Praterinsel is completely booked out. More then 30 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy guarantee a thrilling 4 day art event. From painting to streetart, graffiti, illustration or photography – the URBAN ART FAIR represents finest Urban Art.

STROKE 2012 – Munich – Praterinsel – May 03.-06. 2012 –