Streets of Fire Norway

You won’t find many graffiti jams in Norway, but in the small city of Drammen, the cool duo Kid & Loze have organised two great jams now, last year “Cant Stay Away” and now the “Streets of Fire” jam! Located at the great Union Scene venue in Drammen, the weekend was packed with quality hiphop. Graffiti by Soten & Tiws (Denmark), Motel (Canada), Sofles (Australia) and Achoe, Rock, Jame, Moves, Lexus and Igot from Norway. Add to that a big breakdance battle hosted by Pay2, streetart workshop, skateboard ramp, DJ shows and music by none other than Afrika Bambaataa and a long lineup of the best norwegian hiphop acts. Big respect to Kid & Loze for their hard work, to Union Scene for the hosting. Have a look at the footage after the jump and here!


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