StreetArt Festival Olomouc 2015

Local Graffiti Artist Pauser from Olomouc (CZ) invited some really good artists for this years StreetArt Festival: Slider from Germany, Soten from Denmark as well as Mr. Dheo from Portugal, to express themselve on two buildings in in the city. One Mural entitled SELFIE MADE KING by Mr.Dheo and another Batman Mural with Graffiti Styles by Soten, Pauser and Slider. Read more and see photos plus another video by Mr.Dheo after the jump! The Festival was supported by FLAME Spraypaint!

“First in the vacant lot in city center, the other in the university hospital grounds. Uninviting lot, vacant since 1969, was rejuvenated by Mr. Deho’s mural of King Edward VII, who, instead of scepter, is holding an achievement of our times – a selfie stick. No one calls him other than Selfie Made King from the beginning.

The hospital grounds saw a magnificent Batman painted on one of the many prefab buildings, created by the team of Slider, Soten and Pauser. They accompanied their colossal creation with their characteristic graffiti, that have even bigger value for those in the know.

Another point of view on the SAF took place on Friday during the 7th Pecha Kucha Night event, where Pauser and Piano gave the crowd insights into history of the festival and their street art beginnings. It’s difficult to describe the atmosphere in there molded by their relaxed presentation style. This turned into a surprising finale when the guys took a spectacular selfie with the whole crowd, that even Mr Dheo’s Selfie Made King would envy.

All days were boosted by evening chill in the bar, be it Metro club, Rytmus bar, or other spots. A lot more people arrived during the weekend, the weather was perfect, the Selfie Made King saw a freestyle scooter and bike exhibition in the rhythm of local DJs, and those who wanted to get out of town could have a picnic under the Batman on the hospital grounds. Rad party all in all.

Judging from the great turnout and reactions of the public in the press and on social network, it shows that street art has something to offer, is interesting, entertaining and very likely, thanks to the art created by Soten, Slider, Pauser and Mr. Dheo, has given people a different perspective how to look at street art. Meaning there will always be crappy tags of local toys uglifying historical buildings, but sometimes, among all this garbage, something with real artistic value can sprout, and enrich gloomy cities.

We would like to thank everybody who participated on SAF and supported it, especially our fans, spectators, partners, writers who came to paint, people who selflessly helped, but also the critics, because they also help make things better. Thanks!”

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