Street Art – The New Generation

Street Art — The New Generation is an exhibition and a public art project showcasing street artists who operate on a global scale. Among the featured talents are top names in European street working in Berlin, London and Paris, as well as artists from Italy, Norway, the United States, Iran, Poland, Sweden and Finland. To name a few: Blu, Egs, Eyesaw, Frank, Icy & Sot, Invader, Please, M-city, Mentalgassi, Otto Maja, Toasters and many more! They will create works in the galleries of the Pori Art Museum as well as public artworks in both indoor and outdoor spaces around Pori. Some of the works will be made in collaboration with local actors, such as people from youth and recreational services of the city. The exhibition will continue from Pori Art Museum to Denmark. It will be on view in Kunsthallen Brandts in Odense in the autumn 2012.

A film by Henry Lämsä & Topi Tirri.


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