Stick On Tour 2011

StickOne from East Germany do what many young graffiti artist do, travelling, benching, meeting with other writers, painting. His travel schedule is tight, just a few days to visit the 10 spots in germany and painting a wall in not more than 10 to 12 hours. Befroe we start to look at the outcome and the wall productions have a look at the Smalltalk with Stick after the jump and later on weekly updated to be find here!

Hey Stick, please introduce yourself shortly!

I write Stick One, graffiti artist from Halle. I represent team Burning Saxony, IWS, INK and CSF Crews

Whats the concept of your tour or did you made a plan for the locations?

Well, the plan was to perform 10 Walls in 10 Cities with 10 Writers. I know all of the artists personally for longer or a shorter time, Friends or just friends of friends. Important was to paint with the better organized dudes because the focus was strictly productions based on a good quality. It was not important to paint in big cities, more important was the type of the wall, large and space for something bigger and of course different to the spots i paint everyday back home.

The theme of the walls, whats the idea, its cartoons right?

True, the idea came while browsing youtube. I discovered old cartoon videos, it reminisce me over the time of my childhood. Marshall Bravestarr or Silverhawks.

How went the tour, whats your resumee?

It was an great showcase to paint under very bad weather conditions, rain rain rain. But hey, we are used to it. No problem at all, we did it, we are graffiti artists, and i had the best paint with me 😉 A little highlight of the tour was the Berlin stop, where we destroyed our pieces after, i never did that before so it was a new experience, funny.

Is there a favourite production?

All Productions came out very nice, just to name the one i did with Twik. Rain all day but we had so much fun! The best result under such circumstances!

Whats next, more travelling?

Not such a tour again in the near future.I have a daily job and that tour took my summer vacation. Of course i will be here and there, its just such a tour needs a lot of my time, planing, driving, painting across the country is not done in a few hours.

Whats up at your place, Halle has a big graffiti scene?

Yes, Halle has a great graffiti statistic. Compared to how many people live in this city we have the biggest number of vandalism in germany, thats crazy. We have to deal with the zero tolerance politics so that making it hard sometimes. But graffiti has a lot of media coverage in our city. Apart from this, halle has a lot of Style to offer, always worth to bench or just drive down the streets and look at all the silver pieces

Ok thanks for your time, now we all keep an eye out on the regular tour updates and look what has been done. Any shouts?

Thanks to everyone making the tour happen and helped out! All the artists i painted with and of course Molotow for supporting this! big ups!

Updates and Photos of the 10 Walls you can find here, in weekly updates!




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