splash! Creative Camp supported by MOLOTOW™

This years splash! Festival at Ferropolis was a very special one. Not just because of the beautiful location, also because of the first run of the splash! Creative Camp supported by MOLOTOW™. The camp was located right next to the main entrance and home of more than 50 street artists from Germany and France.

The splash! Creative Camp offered Workshops, a Bodyart Studio, Live Art Performance, a Boombox Exhibition, a Cinema, the PAINT Club and of course a lot of art installed and painted all over the festival area.

Resident artists BURNING SAXONY painted the Graffiti Stage with a nice summer themed wall. On the graffiti stage backside CASE of Ma´Claim Crew performed. Also invited: the Street Art collective Bosso Fataka from Berlin, Tape Art Specialists Klebebande Berlin, Orbit119 with Antistatik and 345 from Strasbourg and Hendrik ‘ecb’ Beikirch, who work on his so far biggest Mural project called ‘spuren’.

A very special installation performed by the Collective QUINTESSENZ has been built right next to the Main Stage: a showcase how the 251+ Color Range of the MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM Artist Spraypaint looks in reality, painted on elastic tissue. A wonderful work! Have a look yourself, the video above (in german with french subtitles), photos can be checked below! More footage to come within the next days!




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