SOTEN & TIWS in Miami

Graffiti artist SOTEN from Copenhagen reports from this years trip to Miami (December 2013) with his good friend TIWS, read the short review and have a look at the footage after the jump!

TRIP TO MIAMI (December 2013)
by Soten

Together with Tiws I left the cold and dark winter in Copenhagen and hopped on a flight to Miami, Florida for the worlds biggest art fair, the annual Art Basel Miami event that brings together artists and art lovers from all over the world. Miami is a great place, full of cool people, crazy architecture and great weather. In the area of Wynwood, there is graffiti, streetart and murals everywhere and its helping to change the local neighborhood from ghetto to hipster central. It was here I would spend the following week painting a handfull of big walls, meeting artists from all over the world and drinking coffee at the Panther coffeeshop.

Molotow had been so kind to send me a bunch of Premium spraycans, so all we needed were some walls where we could put them to use! We hooked up with the local writers Eskay, Dar and Trek6 for the first wall in the center of Wynwood, and after a few days with both nice summer, crazy rainstorms and funny blockparties we finished a dragon themed production.

For the next wall, we took the next house on the street and teamed up with my crewmate Brus from Rome and 3 guys from New York, Hoacs, Mast and Vor138 for an colorful megamix of styles. After drawing straws for spots, I got the round corner of the Art Deco inspired building and did a big Phantom Blot character overseeing my piece.

But we hadn’t had enough yet, and while many other writers where searching for walls to paint in the area, we quickly moved on to the outside wall of the RC Cola factory where Ino from Greece, alongside Rath, Preys and Tubs already where painting. I did a nice production wall here with Brus and Tiws.

In the middle of painting it, me and Tiws went down the street and did a big chrome wall with oldschool Miami writer Echo that had flown in from LA to meet us. Great and busy times!

After that it was also time to enjoy Miami, so I went to a bunch of different art fairs and saw a lot of great art, its really crazy how big this whole Art Basel Miami event really is. And after a few parties and trips to the beach it was time to leave Miami and go on a well deserved holiday. Greetings to everyone I met in Miami, I hope to come back again and paint more, thank you to Molotow for the spraypaint support! Have a nice Xmas everyone! (>SOTEN)




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