Soten “Inspirations” – Teaser

As mentioned before here friday december 2nd 2011 it´s time for Soten´s first solo exhbition! Coming from the 90′s generation of writers, Soten developed early on under the tutelage of world famous graffiti legend Bates. In the last decade and a half, he has earned his own fame and props through consistently tight pieces and extensive traveling and painting. Now in 2011, Soten will grace the walls of Gotham Gallery with a brand new collection of graffiti paintings entitled “Inspirations.”

Come to our opening reception on Friday, December 2rd from 16.00 to 21.00, and see the show premiere. Join us again on Saturday, December 3rd from kl. 13.00 to 18.00 for a weekend “Jule Hygge,” and enjoy some hot cocoa and glogg while you view the collection.

“Inspirations” will run from December 2nd 2011 through January 31st, 2012. Stay tuned to GothamGallery.dk for news and updates on Soten’s exhibition.


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