SOTEN & BRUS painting in Rome

SOTEN (Copenhagen/Denmark) is back from Italy meeting friends in Milan and Rome, where he and his crewmate BRUS painted some nice walls together. Have a look at the footage after the jump!

“HC. Andersen said “that to live is to travel” and I can nothing but agree, especially since I have been using the last many years doing so in a great combo with painting, meeting new people and eating great food. After some days of athletics i Milan with truely great People, im back in the vatican city Rome for meeting up with my friend Brus that through time have become more like family and one of the reasons i return to this fantastic place more times than Berlusconi do comebacks in politics. Three days where spend with eating my favorite Roman specialty “Suplie” along side the traditional Pizza, pasta, the victory morning brioche and last but not least emptying those delicious Molotows in the sun. Thanx for the support to Brus(remember to fix the light on the car), Sara and Moltow… In the name of another retarded politician, I´ll be back!” (SOTEN)


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