Soten – Back in the lab

Here is a last 2013 wall by SOTEN and TIWS painted in Køge, south of Copenhagen, have a look at the photos after the jump!

Soten – Back in the lab.

After a year of hectic travels and painting all over the world, I ended the year back in Denmark. The Danish winter is not a season for full color productions, so its good to have some indoor spots to retreat to, one could call them laboratories. I have a could of labs and one I like to visit every year is located south of Copenhagen. Together with Tiws we have painted a couple of walls here in past winter seasons and now it was time to refresh one after a big skateboard ramp was built over parts of it. Labs are places of experiments, so we decided to try the classic pieces-floating-in-space scenario, but give it a visual twist. I dug up some old Jack Kirby comics and used them as a foundation for the background, and painted an oldschool Silver Surfer in the middle, and after two days in the freezing cold skate spot, the production was completed.
Merry Xmas and seasons greetings to everyone!


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