SONS – Still not loving police wall

Have a look at one of the latest productions of Mega and Romeo of the SONS Crew Holland after the jump!

Still not loving police wall X exchange with Noks…

Summer has finally arrived in Holland so we thought it was time to do another productionwall in our hometown.

The idea was to do a wall with a wolf in sheep’s clothing character and a little piggy and call it ‘Still not loving police’ (named after the song Still Dre by Dr. Dre)
We recieved some exchange sketches by Noks from Serbia and decided to paint them also on this wall.

Painting someone else’s sketch forces to put you out of your comfort zone. This can be good, you learn to understand how another writer thinks and construct his pieces. You can learn a lot from this and it helps improve your style.

Because of the relative small size of the wall we had to work very clean in order to make our pieces stand out.
Therefore we used Belton cans, you can make really small details with those cans.

We painted several names around our pieces. Those are people we recently painted with or did hang out with…

Not that they necessarily also still not love police…

We painted in chill modus and got a little carried away with adding details and effects.
Another wall done and we learned a lot from this experience… on to the next wall…
Thanks to Noks for the sketches!





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