SONS – Old dogs with new tricks

“The saying is that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. This means that’s it’s hard for someone who has been doing something one way for a long time to do it in a new way. The same goes for graffiti. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years right now and it’s hard to let go of some old habits. This doesn’t mean you have to follow all new trends but certainly, if you are open to some new influences, it can help to improve your work. We want to keep a good letterstructure but painted in a different way we did before, let’s say a 2.0 version.

The weather forecast was not good (heavy rainshowers) so we painted this one in a semi closed tunnel. The background was completely spraypainted. This way we could do some effects with the background color into our pieces. It worked very well. We tried some new things which sure will come in handy for some of our future pieces…. So stay tuned…” (SONS.nl)


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