Solo Pandemic Painting with POISON

A message from Athens:

“Painting solo is not something new to me, in the past I often enjoyed it. It seemed to have its plus points, painting where you want and when you want.   But the social isolation during this pandemic changed my perspective, nothing beats having a good laugh with friends, sharing stories and drinking some beers while painting. I miss that. I packed my cans and off I went, thinking “Graffiti”  must continue despite all the craziness around us. For this piece once again Flame-Paint showed amazing coverage capabilities, the Peach outline covered flawlessly! The fill in was done with Black, Deep Violet, Violet  and Erica Violet. The background was done with Cosmos Blue Dark, Cosmos Blue and Light Blue. Also added some fades with Cocoa, Cocoa Light and Beige Brown. See you on the next one! Peace,”

by POISON of the GFR CREW, enjoy!


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