Here we go, the MOLOTOW™ SKETCHING CONTEST Pre-Vote by the Jury is done and the public vote on Facebook is up in this folder (you have to be logged at facebook to VOTE/LIKE). Feel free to press the LIKE button on the sketches you like the most. The final jury voting as the strongest VOTE lasts until June 15th and then we will go to announce the winners. Placement is determined by a Jury of well known artists and the user votes. We retain the right to exclude votes that we feel were made in a fraudulent manner (mainly, through the creation of multiple accounts). We provide 3 MOLOTOW™ Sketcher Packages for the top-rated artists! Feel free to encourage your friends, family and fans to vote for your Sketches but encouraging fans to create multiple accounts or downvote competition will not be allowed.

We have received some nice progress footage, as the one above we will upload some more within the next days!