SKEME curates the “The Come Up” in New York

This thursday, 8/10/17, a show curated by graffiti legend SKEME, titled “The Come Up” will debut, the gallery hosting the show is 212 Arts–located at 240 E 4th street, in lower manhattan, New York. Featured in this show are STEM, ACRIME, HATE 156, ESTOS and SP-One. The show opening will be from 6pm till 9:30pm. With the show being on display for one month. Author Jonathan Drexler has a short write up for those who are interested in the show!

The show is marked by significance in that someone of Skeme’s standing is using his following to bring exposure to artists that he respects–but may not have access to having recognition. Going further than just getting them into a showing. In addition to Skeme curating the event, he is also participating by including some of his own work alongside them.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Skeme on how the show came together:

“I began putting the show together going back 5 or 6 months ago. I happen to be friends with the owner of the gallery, having showed their previously. What led to me selecting this specific location is the fact that I wanted the atmosphere to be close-knit–encouraging people to interact and discuss what they see in the art itself.As far as the show name– not wanting to continue in the current trend of cultural exploitation–I went for artists who are not the usual suspects. All of the artists featured in this show are talented, possessing styles 180 degrees out from each-other. This array of artists garners a wide range of gallery exposure. Ranging from: having never been shown publicly–to several soolo shows under their belt. Individually they can hold their own, but collectively, they bring to the table a smorgasbord of techniques, color pallets medium, composition and emotion.  

Simply put, we are all in the same ballpark but playing different positions. . Each has their own speciality that has contributed to their career. Every man sees something from his own angle. My goal in curating the show in this way was inspired by the idea of having a style buffet. Think of it this way; you know, when you go to Baskin Robbins you are going there with your understanding of Ice Cream. Yet, once you are in there and observing the variety–it opens you up to a new understanding of different styles of something you enjoy.  

It is also important to understand that artists view our work as our children so to speak–because they are created out of our psyche; one of the goals of this show is to see these pieces of work adopted by good and loving homes. This is not a graffiti show, this is an art show. Designed with transporting the observer back to a time when style-writing was in it’s innocence: raw, unapologetic and not laced with the essence of Liechtenstein or Pollak. 
I look forward to seeing all who come out to the show and observing how they react to the work on display.”
With the setting and work on display it ventures to be a solid opening. Here is a preview of some of the work that will be on display as a sample size of what to expect stylistically.




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