German graffiti artist SKAPE289 just tried the new MOLOTOW™ COVERSALL 400ml Spraypaint Line and painted two pieces. Checkout the results and some work in progress photos as well as some product feedback by the artist after the jump!

“…the new MOLOTOW COVERSALL 400ml cans come in 49 vibrant semi-gloss colors and are compatible with the Belton color-chart. The COVERSALL Colors are the perfect tool for covering any surface. Through the proven “Flowmaster”- Soft Valve System the COVERSALL cans guarantee a smooth handling of the fast output. COVERSALL have a little bit more pressure than MOLOTOW PREMIUM but even with a fat cap you can easily manage thick and thin lines. Because of the fast output, skinny caps never really clog and you are still able to paint small details without dripping. Especially the dark colors cover extremely well. The “security tape” on the color ring guarantees that the ring doesn’t get lost, even in ruff times. The cans are well designed and the price is just right. COVERSALL are cheaper than MOLOTOW PREMIUM, you have 49 basic colors to choose from and the cans come with all the MOLOTOW advantages you are used to. The perfect line up for cans who are ready for some action.”


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