SKAPE289 reviews the FLAME BLUE Fluorescence Orange

In this product feedback graffiti artist SKAPE289 reviews the FLAME BLUE Fluorescence Orange, you can read and see the result of the test below!

"FLAME PAINT has probably the strongest fluorescence colors in the game and I played with the idea for a while now to give the fluorescence color a major role in my piece – and not just use it only as an effect. “Lovers Gonna Love” – a strong, sharp and clean letter-piece with a minimal of elements in combination with a well balanced color scheme based of the fluorescence orange as a fill in. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make your eyes pop and your jaws drop.

Five cans of fluorescence orange, two cans of fire red for the whole piece. Added some minimal funk with a little amount of white, Rivera, Rivera light, flour pink, ruby red, some roller paint and good company at the Paint the Park Jam 2017"


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