SIBERIA by Hendrik Beikirch – The Book

Last December German muralist and artist, Hendrik Beikirch released his latest publication documenting his most project, Siberia, through the Montresso Art Foundation in Marrakech, Morocco. Accompanying a large solo exhibition comprising of large scale portraits created after his visits to the remote region of Russia, the artist worked once again with the same institution that introduced his previous Tracing Morocco series and publication.

Through his work, Beikirch aims to portray the different areas of the world with intricate and captivating paintings of people living there. Done mostly with black ink on white surface, the works, which can take the form of drawing, canvas painting, or large-scale mural, are actually studies of humanity. Based on the reference photographs taken during his travels through Siberia, they clearly show the harsh environment and the unforgiving climate in which these people are living and working.

This time, the artist decided to broaden his focus from just the face to the other parts of the body, as well as the important detail from their environment. This concept was further accented with an installation consisting of 33 objects borrowed from each person encountered in Siberia, which was included in the exhibition. Published and available through by Mare & Martin, the 175-pages, large format hardcover publication gives an overview of all the works created in this series – 15 paintings and 10 murals made around the world.




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