SHOK1 – ‘What Your Soul Sounds Like’

Aerosol X-ray artist SHOK-1 has sprayed this new mural on the Jealous Gallery rooftop overlooking the city of London. The artwork entitled ‘What Your Soul Sounds Like’ depicts a graphic equalizer sprayed in his unique X-ray style. ‘Everyone has music that resonates within them’, he says, ‘only you know what yours truly sounds like’. The piece is part of the new X-Pop series which takes a look inside popular culture, looking beneath the surface of ubiquitous icons and images. The works observe how culture becomes part of the anatomy of a person and conversely visualise culture as having an anatomy of it’s own. SHOK-1 has pioneered cutting-edge freehand spraypaint techniques, no tape or stencils are used to render the intricate translucent effects. He was one of the first Europeans to co-opt the street cultures that exploded from the USA in the early 80’s, laying down the foundations for what has become one of the most important art movements worldwide. He has continued to reinvent his work and take risks throughout a career currently spanning 30 years. He lives in East London and holds a degree in Applied Chemistry.


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