Seven Deadly Sins x ZOMBIE

Every society has its moral rules that control which behaviour is categorised as ‘acceptable’ and – more important – which isn’t. If you step outside these rules, you commit a ‘sin’. You become a ‘sinner’. The concept of ‘sins’ is interesting because it highlights the often unspoken cultural codes which control a great part of human behavior. In this project Zombie takes the most famous sins in the western society for a test drive – the so called seven deadly sins: gluttony, wrath, sloth, lust, greed, pride, envy.

I lost count of how many colorful pieces I have done with characters and fancy background. All these things always look nice, but somehow I often feel these are just ‘camouflage’ that takes the attention away from the most important part of the piece: the letters. For this project I decided to challenge myself and take away most of the ‘camouflage’ that makes the pieces look good. By not using characters and fancy background – and only using a couple of simple colors for fill-in – I hope to bring the attention back to the letters and the ‘raw’ style.

The “Seven Deadly Sins” Project by Zombie from Copenhagen


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