Seasons Greetings From Budapest!Big wall painted by FORK4, NIKON, TASK, MONOH and many more!

Our friend FORK4 from Budapest just sent in another nice photo and video update from a wall painted with several writers and good old NIKON! Here is how he describes the session:

“ALL CAPS Collective organized this year’s last crew jam before the cold. We invited some well known artists of hungarian scene like the hungarian legend Nikon one, his friend Task, and the oldschool 3D master Monoh who came out again after 15 years in MOS Hungary at the summer. We painted together a Halloween / All saint’s day concept with the same colorscheme. I used some great tones of MOLOTOW PREMIUM  old and new colors, like swamp, aquamarine, sahara beige, loomit’s apricot, swet red, storm blues, and anthracite grey and Nasty Sons plum for outline. We made a quick collab piece too with Fat Heat next to our mural as a dessert 🙂 The music comes from our good friends the SLOW VILLAGE, and DJ ONEAB.”

Check out the photos and the video by @Paulee_NZ below!


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