S.KAPE289 painting another WILD STYLE – THE MOVIE themed Graffiti Piece

Graffiti Artist S.KAPE289 recently painted another WILD STYLE themed wall after dedicating this piece to one of the most influential graffiti documentaries of all time. Taking it a step further. he stayed very close to the original piece painted last year, he gave this classic theme a major update this time without loosing the Old-school Flavour.  The piece was painted with the following FLAME BLUE and FLAME ORANGE spraypaint colours:

  • Fill in: Pure White, Vanilla, Zinc Yellow, Melon Yellow Outline: Traffic Purple Dark
  • 3D: Signal Red, Ruby Red Second: Light Blue, Light Blue Light
  • Background:  Deep Black, Sapphire Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Crazy Blue, Sky
  • Blue
Rocks: Light Grey Neutral, Middle Grey Middle, Grey Neutral, Anthracite Grey Middle, Anthracite Grey, Transparent Black 

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