S.KAPE289 in São Paulo

German Graffiti Artist S.KAPE289 got his hands on some FLAME spray paint in Brazil. After traveling Latin America for the last seven months he met up with DOES1 (HDV, ODV, FX) from São Paulo at the end of his trip. DOES1, who is painting Graffiti since 1988, took him out to the favelas for a quicky before they were rocking a production together at the Metro Station Tatuapé the next day. The fill in was painted with the high pressure FLAME ORANGE in blue and aqua tones. Perfectly compatible with the white outline of the low pressure FLAME BLUE, they finished up their styles.

Both of us are very familiar with Flame Paint. Especially for me it was a big joy to paint with Flame paint again after spending a lot of time using roller and expansive unhealthy Chinese-paint in Latin America. I wanted to paint a quick solid piece with Does1, nothing too crazy but with white outlines. Flame has great colors, a good price, awesome coverage and this unique valve system I always really enjoy.” (S.KAPE289)


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