Romeo x Mega x MOLOTOW™ Train Canvas

From the 30th of august till the 13th of september there will be an exhibition of painted MOLOTOW™ train canvas in Zürich by more than 200 writers and artists from all over Europe. The exhibition is hosted and organized by the VINYLZ Store Bern. Dutch Graffiti Artists Romeo & Mega were lucky enough to be invited for this exhibition and we both painted one canvas.

“The first thing we noticed is that these canvases are pretty long! So we decided to make a Romeorock and a Megaone. To connect it we decided to make a married couple where the background of both canvasses are the same and we made 2 similar characters. The MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL Markers worked very well on the canvas. Good coverage and fast drying time of the paint. “

Please find the Footage after the jump and you can check the outcome here or check them live at the exhibition:

Starkart Exhibitions
Brauerstrasse 126
8004 Zürich (stad)

More info and line-up here on Facebook


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