Romeo & Mega at Gods of Hellfire

Romeo and Mega painting at the Gods of Hellfire Festival, have a look at the footage after the jump!

Romeo x Mega – Gods of Hellfire

Every year there is a hardcore house festival in the north of Holland The event is organized by friends of us. Since the early edtions of the festival we decorated the fences around the festival. We mostly did this at the start of the festival so people could watch how the pieces are made. But the festival has grown too big for us to paint relaxed (too many people + alcohol = sometimes annoying). So we decided to paint a wooden fence with a production before the festival at a relaxed indoor spot.

Romeo did make some nice explosions in the background. For the fill we used a bright minty color and added some effects in it to create some 3d effects. Mega did paint a nice character inbetween the pieces. All in all a pretty basic concept but the letters get full attention on this wall and that is what we wanted to achieve….


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