Here is a short preview of another exchange to come: this time ROMEO of the SONS Crew from Holland paints a piece for BOOGIE

“I started as a b-boy and tagged my “streetname” on the carton board where ever I went. So when I found out I had to make something for Boogie I automatically wanted to do an “electric” Boogie It turned out to be another freestyle with the word ‘electric’ in the background. The MOLOTOW™-PREMIUM orange outline and the purple fill in works but it is hard to get a good picture in the tunnel where this is painted. I even used some small Molotow cans I found on a market. Let’s hope this piece will set a smile on Boogies face…greetings from the Netherlands!!” (Romeo, Nasty) Sons.

See ROMEO´s piece after the jump, BOOGIE´s reply will follow soon!