ROMAN DOORS x Call To Action Vol.2

Roman Doors and HBProduction, two active members of the graffiti community, making things happen in Rome, Italy. Basically Roman Doors is a photographic project, who tries to capture the beauty of a tag on shutters or doors in Rome.

“The first time we did this performance in Rome, in 2018, many graffiti artists answered our call. We transformed a black shutter into a polifonic artwork where each writers’ handstyle adds his voice and its language to contribute to the final result: a collective masterpiece. For us the handstyle is the most important thing in writing: you can do what you want, but if your tag game ain’t strong you miss the basics.”

Then the Wallride Festival in Altamura (Bari, southside of Italy), asked the team to do another one with the guests of the festival graffiti area zone.

ROMAN DOORS happend the second time with tags by by DMOTE, SABE, RHED, POISON, MIND, SPICE, LAMA, PANDA, BEAN, CHOB, TEXAS, VELA, SOAP, PATCH, GIOSE, MOVE, ZETAL, DEM, WIES, BEAT, and many more. We supported the project with the most matching products such as the MOLOTOW DRIPSTICK in different sizes. Check out the photos and a stop motion video below!

Thanks to the everyone participating and the organizer for the organaization!




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