Rocket01 meets Dirtyface

“During last month we had the privilege to go and film one of Sheffield’s most talented graffiti writers, Rocket01. We’ve been a huge fan of his mural work for years and jumped at the opportunity to finally go and document him in action. His technique and use of spray paint was a real education and showed just why he’s considered in such high regard. The shoot took place over two days and unfortunately we were unable to attend most of the second day so the edit is a little disjointed in terms of the artwork development but we don’t think this detracts from the overall piece. It was a fascinating location to shoot in and a testament to Rocket’s dedication that the building is like a gallery to his work. Everywhere you turn was a piece of the highest quality and in perfect contrast to the decay of the building around it. It truly was an amazing place to go and see and we feel privileged that we were permitted access to what is quite an unseen space. We hope you enjoy our short film documenting the world of Rocket01…”

more: dirtyface.co.uk / rocket01.co.uk


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