Reso conquers the 3rd dimension

Collectors and fans of the artworks of RESO will have to listen attentively because he is bringing his art and style into the 3rd dimension. In close cooperation with the CGI-designer Dennis Norheimer, RESO created his very first sculpture with which he pioneers another level of graffiti art: He liberates styles from their static two-dimensionality by creating something palpable.

The first object is simply called “object one”, can be seen above. It´s available in a limited edition of 10 signed and numbered pieces, which are made of a high-strength infiltrated synthetic material that looks like stone and feels a little bit like wood. (37x14x6cm) Using this material is the only way to get a sculpture this filigree and solid at the same time. Now its time for the Big version, jump and see the 3 to 4m long stye object by Reso. More informations: Reso1.com

(Website Reso: www.reso1.de)


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