REPLETE x Magic City

In Dresden, Germany MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET just opened its doors october, 1st, 2016. A big artshow with works by HERAKUT, RON ENGLISH, TRULY, MADC, DAZE, MARTHA COOPER, TRISTAN EATON, LEON KEER, ROA, BORDALO II, BENUZ, DAN WITZ and many more on display. The name of the show was given because of the exhibition floor plans, building a model city painted by the artists surrounded by installations and sculptures. The exhibition is curated by Carlo McCormick and co-curated by Ethel Seno and Leon Keer, who involved many of his 3D artist collegues doing anamorphic art as main focus of the show. Magic City also offers a cinema curated by the New York based Blog BROOKLYN STREET ART showing short movies by SELINA MILES, VERMIBUS and many more. The city has a town hall, a graffiti gallery, a grand plaza, a red light district created by AIKO and it features a lot of interesting little details such as story telling phone cells. The show is open till January 2017 and will within the next 5 years move to different other cities in germany and europe. Next stop is Munich opening March 2017 the organizer says. A few weeks ago a web series entitled MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET went online on YouTube to feature more or less all artists works involved in the show. Here is Episode 08 featuring the british Street artist Replete who epxlains his anamorphic work a Bus stop at Magic City.




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