Remi Rough Studio Visit

Remi works out of a purpose built log cabin style studio located in deepest, darkest East Dulwich. He paints using the natural light of daytime, and the immediate connection you make when visiting the studio is that the body of work painted for ‘A’ has been created not just with the multiple mediums of paint arranged around the studio, but also with light. This almost ‘outdoor’ studio location brings a natural connection to his works on canvas with his other realms of output as a graffiti writer and muralist. No stuffed animal heads decorate this lodge though – the trophies are currently a series of canvases prepared as a new body of work waiting to be hung in the gallery space.

AM now brings you a peek into the bottom-of-the-garden studio of Remi/Rough. The artistic pairing of Agents of Change collaborators Rough and More are realised in the upcoming exhibition entitled ‘A’, opening on Tuesday 1st February at Blackall Studios in London.


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