“Finally taking the chance to leave the country, together we took advice of some international friends and made our efforts to get to Denmark for this amazing opportunity. The Roskilde festival was where we had to be. With a ReadTheLabel team focus, Yanoe, Merlot, and myself packed up and took the flight. Knowing little as to what to fully expect, we were wowed with an awesome experience and welcomed with true hospitality. The freedom to create with all the MOLOTOW product we could need, and the overwhelming collective of international artists amongst us, allowed for the perfect experience. Amazing talent, incredible people, great times were had rain or shine. An event truly second to none and an amazing opportunity for any artists in search for the ultimate graffiti spray cation.”

AMUSE126 reporting from this years ROSKILDE FESTIVAL. Together with MERLOT and YANOE they has been there for a few days painting burners and burners. Check the photos after the jump! More ROSKILDE 2016 you can check here (FORK4) and many impressions here. The final report will follow soon here on our blog!