Rath x Sye x Philco

“Sundays weather called for BEAUTIFUL weather with the threat of thunder showers in the afternoon. Back in the second most densely packed hispter area outside of Williamsburg, Bushwick. At 10 am over half the line up was still sleeping the previous night off and the rest of us were milling around politic-ing and generally not being unorganized; GO NY or stay home! After standing around enough I picked a spot and got my A Tribe Called Quest plus redneck Nike on and Pushed it along to just git’er done. I conned Sye Tc5 and Philco to rock next to me. Philco mentioned he had only painted once since 1985, and then produced some old and new sketches blew my mind. Its crazy to think about the number of talented writers who just dont paint any more, that ive never heard of. And if these dudes started painting how much trouble they’ed be. There is Serious un-known talent just lying around not seeing the light of day. PHILCO is one for sure. i def look forward to seeing him dragged out more this year.” (Rath)


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